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Read all about it here. The Classic Wow hunter Guide is an overview of all the basic things you need to know to play hunter efficeintly. Includig information on what stats to go for, what talent points to choose, how to train your pet, rotation and what skills to use for the highest DPS, Addons, Useful macros and a Pre-Raid BiS Best in slot list.

Our Pet Section has all available pets in the game. We have split them in to 3 different lists ordered by levelzone and type.

Our PVP Items section is split into two parts. Classicc Snowfall, which allows for casting on key-down instead of key-release which was the default in vanilla and OmniCC, which keeps track of your cooldowns and displays the time left on them.

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We list items that are pre-raid BiS with a few options where possible. Clicking on the item will give information on each item including where it drops, location of mob that drops it, quest information if it is a quest reward and more. A collection of addons we believe to be essential to every hunter. Not all of them are hunter specific but all are very useful. Macros don't just make life easier - they can make playing hunter more efficient.

Check out our Macro section to find ones we think you should be using.

Classic WoW Marksman Hunter DPS

If you plan to raid as a hunter, you're going to need BiS items. The Vanilla Wow hunter Guide is an overview of all the basic things you need to know to play hunter efficeintly. The Macros section has a list of macros I have used and found useful. And the Reputations Rewards page, which has all the rewards that can be gained through reputation with Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch and Altarec Valley factions. An Addons section that has a few useful addons for hunters, including: YAHT, a hunter timer that is full customisable.

rhok delar rotation

And finally we have a Pre-Raid Best in Slot list. You can view them ordered by level, zone or type. You'll also find how powerful each skill is at every rank and what type of beast can learn them. PVP items changed after patch 1. Both versions of the items are listed.Forgot your password? By OvertimeNovember 12, in Hunter.

This is from a retail guide so some things can have minor differences. Copying it here in case it ever vanishes from archives.

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I will try to adjust the guide accordingly to Nostalrius. Fights have changed on Elysium! Tip: You can try them on Player Test Realm if it is available, try connecting through realm menu. But I advise not to kill them in case someone wants to try them too.

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He is spawned by dousing each of the 7 firelord runes in Molten Core with the Aqual Quintessence from the Duke Hydraxis series of quests. You must then successfully defeat Majordomo Executus. After defeating Majordomo making him concede after his 8 adds are deada chest will spawn called a "Cache of the Firelord.

After obtaining the leaf, you must travel to Felwood. Here, you must travel to the island in the dead center of Irontree Woods. General guidelines to follow for fighting each of the demons:.

Strengths: - Enrages periodically, greatly increasing its DPS - Casts Demonic Doom, that makes you look like a demon and causes shadow damage every 3 seconds for 1 minute. Strategy: - No brainer really. Just kite him with Aspect of the Cheetah on but be careful not to run out of range.

Classic Wow Hunter

Keep Serpent Sting on at all times and Concussive Shot her whenever he gets close. It is important to remain beyond 30 yards of the Demonic Doom, yet within range to use Arcane Shot so that he continues chasing you. If you rely completely on Serpent Sting for damage, he will break aggro and return to where he started. Once you apply Serpent Sting, count to 4, and apply it again before it wears off the damage does stack.

You will be able to see this by a 2nd damage listing "Entropic Sting", which will continue to increase each time the sting is applied. Also, be sure to clear the area you plan on fighting so as to not get dazed by another NPC wandering by. Burning Steppes, Klinfran This demon appears as a male human before being conversed with.

Strengths: - Enrages every 15 seconds extremely increasing its DPS, to upwards damage per hit - Runs relatively fast, but slightly slower than Aspect of the Cheetah - After an enrage, all negative effects on him are purged removed [serpent Sting, Hunter's Mark, Immolation Trap, etc] except Wing Clip.

Weaknesses: - Scorpid Sting makes him deal 1 damage in melee combat use the highest rank, nothing else - Tranquilizing shot removes his frenzied state but isn't necessary, as long as Scorpid Sting remains on - Can be kited with Aspect of the Cheetah. Strategy: - One strategy, the one I used initially, was just kiting him for a good long while with Serpent Sting and Concussion Shots.

I used about 2 or 3 major mana potions, but was never in any risk of dying. Simply pull him up and left on the road toward the Altar of Storms where very few people ever go. Kite there, then before circling back, either Scatter Shot him or Concussion Shot and turn around and repeat that route over and over. Do not waste mana on Raptor Strike or Mongoose Bite. Try to time when the enrages are, then before you know he's going for it, Wing Clip him and run out.Hello, everyone.

Sixx here - I've decided to recreate one of the most used forum posts created by the legendary Raziya, with his permission. This will be updated and maintained to remain relevant for Classic. Use the FIND command to skip to specific parts of the thread.

rhok delar rotation

Try this, and punch in the index number of the section you want. Why should you play a hunter? If playing a versatile class with lots of crowd control, burst damage, and a high skill cap appeals to you, you may want to try a hunter. Do you get tired of spamming Frostbolt endlessly on a mage? Is coughing up hundreds of gold or lots of time for mana potions on a priest annoying? Does not staying in melee to DPS on a boss like Shazzrah annoy you on a rogue? Play a hunter!

The simplest reason to enjoy hunter is that they're engaging. Despite what you may have heard about 'huntards,' we have an awful lot to think about. Deadzone, ammo, unique rotation, pet micro and other management, delicate but potent CC Hunters have a unique relationship with their auto attacks since, to optimize damage, they time their skill shots between Auto Shots, ensuring that you always have something interesting to do during a boss fight.

Farming gold is made easier. Whether you want to farm an instance like DM Trib or Mara solo, or roam the open world for herbs or ore, a hunter's skills, and their pet, will make it easy to stake your claim.

Since hunters have a complete threat drop on a 30 second cooldown, we can do DPS pretty much whenever we want. No sitting out of fights, no decursing everyone else At least during a boss fight. And there aren't too many Tranq Shot fights, and they're a lot easier to be aware of than watching for a fast Wing Buffet to kick or pummel. Tranq Shot can't even be launched until a Frenzy effect is up - no possible chance for error unless you delay!

If getting invested isn't your thing, leveling is made easier on a hunter with our pet and strong physical attacks launched from range. There is a huge variety of unique pets with special abilities to suit your needs. PvP pets with 1. We have a lot of potential in PvP with zone control abilities like Frost Trap and burst combos. Sniper and support.

Hunters are also able to provide excellent support in general. If you need to peel for a friend, scatter and trap their assailant. We can pull very effectively for our tanks in a dungeon where pulling is made tricky, and we have the longest range in the game, at 41 yards with Hawk Eye. Regardless about how you may feel about what I've said so far, if it seems daunting or exciting, I encourage you to give hunters a try with an open mind anyway.

It's easier to gauge your feelings in practice over theory. Even if you're not a hunter, you may benefit from this list of macros with a little bit of modification. So, browse at your leisure. Macros essentially allow you to automate parts of your game. When you keep two keybinds which you could do through a single macro, you're wasting time by hitting a redundant keybind.

They also allow you to act with precision in an intense situation, reducing the likelihood of human error.Battlecry : If your deck has no minions, fill your hand with Hunter spells.

See this card on Hearthpwn. Rhok'delar is a card that requires building an entire deck around. While the idea of a minion-less deck sounds absurd, it can be made to work with plenty of token spells and weapons. Lesser Emerald Spellstone is very important for this deck for its high-value minion generation, so Secrets will also be important in this deck. Wandering Monster and Rat Trap are good secrets for generating minions.

Deathstalker Rexxar is also useful in this deck for generating minions.


When you do build a deck around this weapon, Rhok'delar's effect is very powerful, restocking the Hunter's hand with more spells. Since Hunters tend to struggle with card draw, this card compensates for this problem.

When played on curvebe aware that you will mill one of your cards since there are no 0-Mana spells. Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers is a unique, epic bow item for hunters that was rewarded from a long and extremely difficult quest chain in classic World of Warcraftalong with its companion weapon Lok'delar, Stave of the Ancient Keepers.

The questline was removed in World of Warcraft: Cataclysmmaking Rhok'delar and Lok'delar impossible to obtain. From Wowpedia :. Sign In. From Hearthstone Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Scroll right Swipe left to see other versions. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History.

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This page was last edited on 9 Aprilat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. About Hearthstone Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Support Contact PRO. Kobolds and Catacombs. Deck-relatedRandomSpell-generating. Rhok'delar, full art.Breaking news: Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons guide.

Our Spell Hunter guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips. Spell Hunter is a Hearthstone deck that was quite a surprising concept when it first debuted in the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion. Was a class known for its powerful Beasts about to give them up in favour of a deck made entirely of spells? How exactly would that work? The results were actually quite good!

To My SideLesser Emerald Spellstone and Rhok'delar rotated out of standard format, leaving spell-focused Hunters with little to work with.

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This one is aiming for the face. We also have more specific advice on how to play Spell Hunter across this page, including Mulligan tips, combo details and strategy information.

Here is the version of Spell Hunter seeing the most play right now on the Hearthstone ranked ladder. Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Spell Hunter is an odd one these days. After the loss of Rhok'delar from Kobolds and Catacombs, the archetype has had to go in a new direction. Early game: Contest the board with Secrets generated from Secret Plan and the minions you summon from Animal Companion.

rhok delar rotation

The aim is to maintain control where you can, but avoid using your cheap damage spells as removal as these play a large part of your win condition in the late game.

Mid game : Continue with the control approach by removing enemy threats from the board using your minion-targeting spells and weapons. Try to remain in control of the board with cards like Animal Companion and Marked Shot. The very next turn you can then unleash your barrage of burst damage.

Hunter Quests in WoW Classic

Or you can fire off all those damage spells and then repeat them the very next turn with Zul'Jin, although with random targeting you may fall foul to your own game plan, so be careful!

You get cheaper cards while also supporting the continued development of Metabomb. Our Amazon Coins guide has more detail. Hunt down these cards in your opening hand when playing Spell Hunter for the best chance at finding a win:.

To help you get to grips with Spell Hunter, we've produced a list of all the combos that power this particular version of the deck. Make sure you go into your first match with a firm understanding of the following combos:. If you can get any kind of Beast presence out in play, however, the damage output of this spell increases to five points - this can be a real game-changer, whether for controlling the board or finishing the fight off more quickly. This reckless hero card will repeat each one — with randomly chosen targets where necessary — so you can get some huge value off it with more copies of Unleash the Beast and Marked Shot.Forgot your password?

Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers is the best ranged weapon that you can get during phases 1 and 2 of WoW Classic. It is an iconic, exclusive Hunter weapon that is awarded upon completing the Hunter class quest Stave of the Ancientswhich begins in Molten Core and also rewards players with Lok'delar, Stave of the Ancient Keepers and Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina.

To start the quest chain, you must get the Ancient Petrified Leaf. While this item allows you to start the quest chain, you will also need Mature Black Dragon Sinew from Onyxia in Onyxia's Lair to craft the weapon. You cannot get the weapons until you have both items. Out of these quests, Stave of the Ancients will take the longest to complete. For the Mature Blue Dragon Sinew, you have a couple of options. The Blue Sinew is BoE, meaning if you have the gold you can potentially just buy it from the AH on your server, but you should expect it to cost g or more, which is quite pricey.

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The other option is that you can farm it from the Cobalt Dragonkins in Winterspring. These are found at the cave just south of Everlook, and the sinew will drop from them at a 0. This is much cheaper, but can be time consuming to farm. Again, getting the Blue Sinew is only to get the quiver Ancient Sinew Wrapped Laminaand does not stop you from getting the bow and staff. This quest requires you to kill four powerful demons scattered around Azeroth: Artorius the DoombringerKlinfran the CrazedSolenor the Slayerand Simone the Seductress.

These demons are quite challenging, and you will need to know what you are doing going into each fight if you want to succeed.

It is highly recommended that you look at videos of how people kill each of these, as the fights can be quite difficult, especially in early levels of gear. All of these demons will look like normal NPCs until you speak with them.

For each of the demons, make sure to loot their heads when you slay them. While you will need to solo all of these demons, it is highly recommended to have other people helping you.

The people in your group will want to pull away any enemies that you come across, and protect you from players of the opposite faction on PvP servers. And to be clear, you need to solo these demons, which means you cannot even use your pet. If you use a pet, or if any other player helps at all, the demon will instantly despawn. Artorius the Doombringer can be found in North East Winterspring.

Spell Hunter deck list guide - Saviors of Uldum - Hearthstone (August 2019)

He will appear as a Tauren named "Artorius the Amiable". You will want to make sure to have Mana consumables such as Major Mana Potion since this will be a long fight that requires lots of Mana.Forgot your password? Welcome to our Classic leveling guide for Hunters. Here, you will learn how to efficiently level your Hunter all the way to Level While leveling, your time spent can be put into three categories: combat, downtime, and travel.

Hunters are widely considered to be the strongest solo leveling class in Classic WoW because they excel at all three in unique ways. Once you get your pet at Level 10, you will notice your kill speed increase and your downtime drop drastically. By using your pet to tank, you can kill enemies with Serpent Sting and Auto Shot. This allows you to kill enemies without spending much Mana and only your pet losing health. If you keep your pet fed and use Mend Pet frequently, your pet will stay healthy and loyal, allowing you to keep fighting with little to no downtime between enemies.

Additionally, you will get Aspect of the Cheetah at Level 20, which will cut down your travel time until you get your first mount. While we propose leveling builds for all 3 Hunter specialization, Beast Mastery clearly is the best leveling spec for Hunter. As Beast Mastery, your pet will take less damage and deal more damage, allowing it to hold threat more easily.

Marksmanship is viable, but you will be more vulnerable to doing too much damage compared to your pet, making it harder to let your pet tank enemies. Beast Mastery also has important movement speed talents, along with Bestial Wrathan extremely powerful damage cooldown. Survival is the worst of the choices and will be outperformed by both other specs in all areas. We do not recommend it for leveling, but if you are up for a challenge, we have a guide for it.

Contrary to popular belief, leveling with a partner or as part of a group is not a terrible thing. In fact, for most classes, leveling with a partner is actually better than leveling solo. Hunter is the exception; your leveling speed in a group as a Hunter will not be better than by yourself, if you have experience leveling. Hunter is the best solo class in the game, so leveling with one or more people will be neutral at best.

That being said, grouping with friends could help them level faster while not slowing you down much, which could be worth doing if you want to help them out. Hunters have lots of different abilities to learn, some more useful than others. Gold is going to be scarce while leveling and it is incredibly important to be saving gold for your first mount at level Thus, you should not train every rank of every skill.

It is important to have an idea of what skills are worth having and what you can live without. If you are playing on a PvP server and are concerned about fighting other players, you can also choose to get Viper Sting for fighting casters or Flare for fighting Rogues and Druids.

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For AoE, Multi-ShotExplosive Trapand Volley can all be great tools for killing multiple targets, but you always have to be careful to make sure you are not the one picking up threat; either your pet or a party member should be holding threat if you are trying to AoE. Feign Death is one of the single most important buttons in your toolkit and is a unique mechanic to Hunters.

Use this any time you need to get out of a bad situation and need to leave combat or drop threat.

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